3 Reasons To Contact Phoenix Mat Timber Products For An Estimate
June 22, 2020

At Phoenix Mat timber harvesting—we’re committed to harvesting high-quality timber and using it to produce only the best products. From our location in Odon, Indiana, we do business with countless local timber farms who trust us to pay them fairly and use their products in a valuable way.

If you own a timber farm and are looking to sell, you can’t go wrong with Phoenix Mat timber harvesting. Here are 3 reasons why you won’t regret doing business with our expert team.

Free Estimates

As a timber farmer, you’re already worried about ensuring the quality of your product. You shouldn’t also have to stress about being paid accordingly.

Phoenix Mat always offers our estimates at no charge. You don’t have to pay an entry fee to determine whether you’d like to work with us, and we’ll always be straightforward about what we believe your timber is worth. We personally visit your land and provide an on-site estimate without requiring any commitment on your part.

We know how hard you work to grow quality wood, and we strive to always value the results accordingly. We’re proud to work with every single one of our partners. They all deserve to be paid well for the dedicated, consistent labor they put into their product.

Trustworthy Harvesting

If you like the estimate you receive and decide to work with us, we will work our harvesting around your personal schedule and needs. We want to maintain your product’s high quality and avoid infringing on your ability to continue producing it. Whatever questions or concerns you might have, you are more than welcome to direct them to us.

Excellent Products

You might be wondering, rightfully, what becomes of your timber after Phoenix Mat harvests it. We use harvested timber to create a variety of useful products.

First (and most obvious) is our very own Phoenix Mats! In order to control costs and increase potential profits, many businesses need to keep their products above-ground during storage, transportation, and more. Our Phoenix Mats keep items literally out of the mud. We also manufacture pallets for similar purposes. They’re sturdy, trustworthy, and highly valued by every business who purchases them.

Our Phoenix Mats and pallets are used for:

  • Gas and oil exploration
  • Electric transmission lines
  • Wind farms
  • And more!

We also create railroad cross ties, grade lumber, and other timber products.

Contact Us Today

Contact Phoenix Mat timber harvesting today for a free estimate of your timber’s monetary value. There are multiple avenues for reaching us. You can cold-call us at 812-362-3350, schedule a call, use the contact form right here on our website, or email us at mike@phoenixmat.com.

Our team is standing by to answer any questions you have. Whether or not you ultimately decide to work with us, we look forward to providing useful advice and easy communication throughout your decision process. Thank you for considering Phoenix Mat for your timber harvesting.

Wood pallets and other timber products can be made from timber harvest by Phoenix Mat.