4 projects that require Phoenix timber mats
January 19, 2021

Phoenix timber mats are essential to multitudes projects. And, if you’re wondering whether or not you need to use timber mats, the answer is easy:

Do you use heavy equipment, especially outdoors? If so, then yes.

Timber mats should be considered essential to your project and its success. They’re easy to install, and they effortlessly accommodate your every need. Timber mats ensure the safety of your workers, the safety of your equipment, the safety of the environment, and they maximize your profits by making virtually all processes more efficient.

And, at Phoenix Mat, we’ve been proudly providing Midwestern businesses with premier timber mats to satisfy all their business needs for years. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Here are 4 projects that require phoenix timber mats.

1. Deconstruction and demolition projects

Deconstruction and demolition projects absolutely require phoenix timber mats. The difference between the two is simple. In deconstruction projects, construction crews methodically dismantle structures one piece at a time. Whereas demolition projects use explosives to tear down structures more or less indiscriminately.

Whichever project you’re undertaking, phoenix timber mats enable crews to stabilize heavy construction equipment. When placed beneath equipment, they provide a secure foundation that prevents heavy equipment from tipping over or falling.

2. Building windmills

Building windmills absolutely requires phoenix timber mats. With these kinds of projects, the terrain is often remote, uneven, and difficult to access. It’s typically far from paved roads. And, as a demand for renewable energy grows, the challenges of accessing such remote locations grow proportionately.

Phoenix timber mats can be used to forge stable, rugged pathways on such terrain. They can also be used to perfectly stabilize equipment on imbalanced terrain.

But, best of all, with these new pathways, you’ll not only preserve the environment and protect it from your heavy equipment, but your workers will be able to traverse it, more or less, unencumbered. This means increased efficiency, which results in greater profits.

3. Oil drilling projects

If you’re working on an oil drilling project, Phoenix timber mats are practically a necessity. Firstly, they can be used to provide a pathway for pipeline projects. This is especially important when dealing with inclement weather conditions and other elemental and environmental factors. But they can also be used with drilling rigs to keep equipment off the ground. Such a solid base protects both the environment and your workers.

4. Repairing, maintaining, and building electrical transmission lines

With such a growing demand for power, it makes sense that electrical transmission lines require increased maintenance as well as continuous expansion. And, for these projects, Phoenix timber mats are essential to helping workers reach even the most remote towers quickly and efficiently. Speed can be imperative in such circumstances, especially after a storm for example.

It doesn’t matter if you have to cross marshes, creeks, or even farmlands; our mats will get you quickly from one point to the other, while also protecting the environment and your workers. Such efficiency is critical to these projects. And Phoenix timber mats enable you to optimize these processes.

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Phoenix timber mats are truly versatile pieces of equipment. And, at Phoenix Mat, we’ve been proudly serving Indiana and the greater Midwest area with premier timber mats for years. Nothing works without a solid foundation, and that’s exactly what we provide.

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