Top 5 Tips For Harvesting Your Timber
May 13, 2020

Lumber is a valuable resource that yields a high demand. Timber harvesting services are available to anyone looking to remove and harvest trees from their property. While harvesting timber is a lucrative project, understanding the responsible way to harvest it is important before you begin. If you're looking to harvest timber, we recommend you consider the tips below.

Assess if it is worth cutting.

Consider the environmental implications first. Trees are a beautiful and integral part of the ecosystem. Remember that the woods are home to many different types of wildlife and cutting can significantly change the ecosystem. Take a good look before you determine if it is worth it to begin harvesting, and always weigh the pros and cons.

Go in with a plan.

Never start cutting without an intention to achieve something. Aimlessly cutting patches of trees is always inadvisable and irresponsible. Ask yourself why you are looking to cut, what the end goal is, and what you will do with the harvested materials after you obtain them.

Pick the right time of year to harvest.

Always consider the season when you decide to harvest. When the foliage thins out in the forest, you’ll have a better view of dead trees and it will be easier to identify the right trees to cut. For that reason, winter and spring are ideal seasons to harvest.

Be courteous.

If you have neighbors nearby, it is common courtesy to notify them before you begin. Lumber harvesting tools are loud and disruptive to the surrounding community. There is also a danger of falling trees. Make sure you give your neighbors a heads up before you start harvesting to avoid potential hazards.

Choose the right logging company.

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, there are plenty of companies that can give you an unfair price. Make sure you look at reviews, recommendations, and research all the information you can. It is crucial that you check to see they have all the necessary licenses before you consider hiring them. Make sure you do your due diligence before signing a contract to have a successful end result.

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