Creative Uses of Timber Pallets
January 1, 2022

Everyone loves a good DIY project, especially when you make something you can use every day. While crocheting, painting and pottery are all fun pastimes, some people want to get their hands into something a bit more sturdy. Many find fulfillment in repurposing objects, like wood pallets.

If you’re a crafter and need some timber pallets, we here at Phoenix Mat of Indiana have got you covered. Not only that, but we have several suggestions for ways to repurpose wood pallets into something truly special and efficient.

Here are some creative uses of timber pallets that woodworkers of all skill levels can get excited about.

Pallet standing garden

Some people don’t have access to a large outdoor area, but still want to have the benefit of a flower or herb garden. Pallet standing gardens come in handy because they allow you to grow plants vertically, saving you space on your porch or veranda. Simply cut the pallets down to the size you want, grab some thin planter boxes and you’re set.

Wood pallet coffee table

The rustic farmhouse style is all the rage, and this sturdy, classic look is sure to enhance your living room or den even more. While a coffee table requires a bit more measuring, cutting and joining, it’s well worth it. Be sure to order some stylish legs that will go well with your customized pallet coffee table.

Wooden shoe organizer

If you have a mudroom or entryway that tends to get cluttered, your entire household will benefit from a wooden shoe organizer. This easy pallet project requires very little cutting, and shoes fit easily into them.

Wooden hanging art

This pallet project requires very little assembly; just make sure you have proper hanging hardware and a solid paint supply. Whether you want to paint something to feature outdoors or inside, pallet wood makes for a rich, interesting canvas. And if you need inspiration for your design, there are plenty of downloadable ideas that you can print and trace.

Pallet flower box

Want to display your flowers in something a bit more original than the plastic planters they came in? Pallets are easy to take apart and put back together in a customized flower box, sized perfectly for your needs. Make sure you either line the interior with a plastic liner or put the plants in smaller plastic containers inside the planter. This ensures you don’t dampen the wood every time you water your plants.

When it comes to repurposing pallets, the possibilities are endless. However, before starting your pallet project, make sure the wood is clean and free of any nails, screws or staples. Also, sand down any splintered or rough areas before you stain or paint to ensure you get the best coverage.

Here at Phoenix Mat, we offer high-quality timber pallets for every kind of project. From at-home DIY crafting to commercial-scale construction projects, we strive to give our customers the very best materials possible.

If you’re curious about where to find timber pallets for your next upcycling project, contact us today! We’d love to help you find the right materials.

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