How Bridge Mats Can Help Your Next Construction Project
February 18, 2021

As the energy industry continues to grow in Indiana, companies are being asked to construct the infrastructure required to power the state at an increasing rate. This presents unique challenges for construction companies specializing in this type of industry, because they have to find effective ways to move and use their heavy machinery across Indiana's terrain.

That's often easier said than done, because even the slightest mishap can damage your equipment and throw your schedule completely off-kilter. One solution many providers are turning to is bridge mats, and if you have an upcoming construction project, they could benefit you as well.

What are bridge mats?

Navigating a construction site is anything but convenient. Workers often have to move heavy machinery across trenches, over ditches, and through swamps to get the job done. Combine that with the fact that equipment like cranes aren't the easiest things to maneuver, and it's easy to see why energy construction projects are so difficult to do. Bridge mats (also known as crane mats) can help, though. Constructed out of various types of timber, they are large, thick slabs of wood that make it easier to navigate your equipment around the job site.

They aren't industry-specific, so they can be used on different types of construction projects, and they allow workers to assemble them over soft soils, steep inclines, or wetlands. This provides a solid, flat surface for your heavy-duty vehicles to drive on, making it easier to position them where they're needed. They also minimize the pressure your machinery exerts on the ground underneath it, reducing the environmental impact and protecting municipal roads and sidewalks.

Benefits of using bridge mats on your next project.

Provides added stability for improved safety for workers.

When trying to operate heavy machinery on rough terrain, there's always the risk that the equipment could tip over if adequate precautions aren't taken. Not only does this put the equipment at risk of being damaged, but more importantly, it also puts your crew in peril. One way to minimize this risk is by using crane mats on the job site. They allow your team to create a more level and stable surface for the heavy-duty vehicles, which gives it the stability it needs to remain upright while being operated.

Prevents your machinery from getting stuck or damaged.

Depending on the job site's terrain, there's often some risk of your vehicles getting stuck. Whether they sink into mud due to their heavy weight or become lodged in trenches while attempting to maneuver them throughout the site, anytime your equipment gets stuck, it's a problem. These types of machines are incredibly difficult to recover once they're stuck, and you could accidentally damage them while trying to get them out. Mats help prevent this problem so you can avoid the nuisance and costs associated with recovering your equipment.

Allows you to get the job done faster.

Bridge mats make it much easier to move and operate your equipment around the job site, and that means your team will spend more time being productive rather than simply trying to get everything in place. It also helps you avoid costly time-wasters like trying to recover stuck equipment. This makes them the ideal solution for anyone who wants to get the job done on time or ahead of schedule.

Do you need bridge mats for your next project?

Then reach out to the experts here at Phoenix Mat. Located between Indianapolis and Louisville, we specialize in the construction and sales of this type of equipment for contractors throughout the Midwest. We use only the highest quality lumber for our mats, so you can have confidence knowing you're purchasing a solution that will help keep your crew safe and productive. Learn more about the products we offer, or message us online to request your free estimate.

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