How To Choose the Right Crane Mat
March 24, 2023

Cranes are essential in industries such as construction, demolition, and transportation. Without the right protective equipment, however, these machines can often do more harm than good. Selecting the appropriate crane mat is crucial to the success of your project, as it can prevent damage and enhance your workplace safety while saving time and money.

There are numerous crane mat options to choose from, each designed for a particular function. At Phoenix Mat, we pride ourselves on offering the expertise and materials that crane operators need to optimize their projects. Below we have listed a few ways to ensure you select the right crane mat.

Consider load capacity

It is essential to ensure that your crane mat's load capacity meets or exceeds your project's requirements. The load capacity should be sufficient to support the crane's weight, the load being lifted, and any other machinery used in the project. If the crane mat's load capacity is not sufficient, it may cause damage to both your property and personnel. This can delay the project's completion, result in legal repercussions, and cause serious injuries. By taking into account the weight of your crane and load, you will be able to avoid these consequences.

Analyze ground conditions

The ground conditions on your job site will determine the size, thickness, and type of crane mat needed. For example, if the ground is soft, you will need thicker and larger crane mats to distribute the load over a broader area and prevent the crane from sinking. Ground conditions largely impact the mat's ability to distribute the weight of the crane and load being lifted. If the ground is soft, wet, or uneven, the crane mat may for example, tilt to one side, leading to instability and potential accidents.

Explore various materials

Crane mats can be fabricated from various materials, including composite and laminated timber. Timber mats are sturdy and can withstand heavy loads, but they are heavy and challenging to maneuver. The material of the crane mat impacts its durability and lifespan. A durable and long-lasting crane mat can save you money and time in the long run by reducing the need for frequent replacements. Composite mats are lightweight, durable, and easy to handle, but they are not suitable for heavy loads. Laminated mats are strong and versatile, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.

Take measurements

The size of your crane mat greatly affects its stability. The effective bearing length of crane mats is normally larger than the base of the crane, allowing it to distribute the weight over a larger area, reducing the risk of the mat sinking or tilting. Ultimately, the size of the crane mat you choose will depend on the size of the crane and the weight of the load. Mats are available in various sizes, ranging from 8 feet to 40 feet long and 4 feet to 12 feet wide.

Stay within your budget

Finally, consider your budget when selecting a crane mat. Laminated timber mats are more expensive but can last for many years, while composite mats are more affordable but may need to be replaced more frequently. At Phoenix Mat, we offer a variety of high-quality crane mats fit for a range of budgets. With proper maintenance and optimal conditions, a laminated crane mat can last between 5-10 years, while a composite crane mat can last up to 20 years without being replaced.

If you require a crane mat to support your operation, Phoenix Mat is your top resource. Contact us today to learn more about the effective bearing length of crane mats, the various materials available, and any other inquiries you may have.

Measuring the effective bearing length of crane mats