4 benefits of timber clearing for landowners
May 21, 2021

When some woodland owners think of the benefits of timber clearing, they may immediately think of the financial benefits that the timber will bring them.

However, there are many more benefits that come from this crucial act of forest management. If you're a landowner thinking of harvesting timber from a plot of land, here are a few more benefits of doing so.

How timber clearing helps landowners

1. It allows new and existing plants to grow

In a mature forest, it can be hard for new plant life to grow because the surrounding plants are already competing for valuable nutrients, space, and sunlight. But by cutting down trees, you can create openings in the forest canopy that allow new plants to take root and existing plants to thrive.

By choosing which trees to cut down, you can even control what kind of trees take root in the spaces left behind by the old ones as the remaining trees will be the ones to release new seeds — and therefore new growth — in the area.

Additionally, if you're planning on clearing the land for farming purposes, timber clearing can help to increase the amount of space and nutrients available for your crops to take use.

2. It improves habitats for wildlife

The parts of the trees that are left behind after the land clearing process can also be used by local wildlife as sources of food and shelter. After they decompose and break down, this debris can also be used as nutrients for the surrounding plants, which in turn also provide food and shelter for the mammals, birds, and insects in the area.

Clearing unkempt land and dead vegetation on your property also reduces the risk of wildfires, as the amount of available growth on the land is kept to a minimum.

3. It helps create more products we use everyday

As you probably already know, you can't make wood and paper products without timber.

When landowners like you choose to clear some of the timber on your property, you help the local economy by putting these valuable resources into circulation so that they can be turned into products like paper, napkins, plywood, and more.

4. And of course, it cuts costs and brings in more money for you

If you leave a plot of forest alone for a long time and then decide to clear it later on, it will take much more of your time and resources than if you maintained it regularly. The damage done to the land in the process can take some time to recover from as well.

When the land clearing process is done in a sustainable and consistent manner, you can fully expect your plot of land to continue growing new trees for years and years to come — resulting in regular, steady income for you and your family with minimal effort.

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