What Are Crane Mats and How Are They Used?
July 20, 2020

Simply put, crane mats are made of timber and are used to stabilize heavy equipment during such activities as construction, loading of goods, gas and oil exploration, and more. By creating a stable base, crane mats are an essential part of many projects, whatever industry they may be used in.

In the shipping and exporting industries, crane matting is often used when passage is needed over unstable or sensitive areas, such as swamps or pipelines. Crane mats play a protective role as well, often being used in cities during construction projects to keep heavy machinery off sidewalks and roads. This, of course, minimizes damage.

What Are Crane Mats Made Of?

In most cases, timber is the go-to material when it comes to manufacturing crane mats. Why? Because it’s an accessible resource that can be replenished as needed and can withstand the test of time when it comes to reliability. Timber crane mats are also more environmentally friendly than other materials since wood decomposes and breaks down naturally. Types of wood used include oak, spruce, fir, or even bamboo! Other materials crane mats may be made from include composite, fiberglass, or even plastic, though the latter is a less environmentally-friendly choice.

Preventing Soil Erosion

The job of a crane mat is to give access and create a reliable link between point A and point B. However, when trucks and heavy equipment drive over a certain spot over and over, soil erosions can often occur. Without intervention, soil erosion will eventually make access impossible. This is where crane mats come in. By allowing shipping to continue, well-made and reliable crane mats make your project efficient and timely, while minimizing the damage made by trucks, tractors, and other heavy machinery.

Giving Access to Difficult Terrain

For certain projects, the areas you may need to access lie over wetlands, swamps, or other inaccessible terrains. Whether permanent or temporary due to wet weather conditions, shipping and driving over this type of terrain often carry a risk of getting stuck or cutting access to the desired destination off altogether. Not so with crane mats. By creating a secure platform for vehicles to avoid the potentially dangerous terrain, they solve the problem of mud, wetlands, and swamps. Versatility in sizing is important, and we strive to accommodate each project as closely as possible. Crane mats must be usable, durable, and shippable - all factors that determine their size.

Why Use Phoenix Mat?

With 10 years of experience in the wood business, we pride ourselves on manufacturing crane mats that are made to last. Working with customers from all industries, including construction and shipping and exporting, has taught us that balancing project needs with costs brings the best results and satisfies both sides. Keeping costs down and ensuring you stay on budget is one of our top priorities. We are also certified in treating wood for international standards and abiding by international standards when it comes to reducing the spread of insects across borders.

One of our most requested services is our free timber estimate. Want to know how much your timber is worth? Give us a call for a free consultation and find out exactly what the price of your timber is.

This is an image of timber that will be used to make crane mats.