What are crane mats made from?
December 28, 2022

If you use large machinery in your operations, you know the importance of having a solid support system underneath them. Heavy-duty equipment can harm the natural environment and surrounding structures if not driven on a stable, durable surface.

Crane mats protect the ground wherever they’re placed and ensure the safety of existing construction. Using mats is ideal for industrial and commercial enterprises, whether for temporary coverage during construction or as lasting infrastructure.

So, what are crate mats made from? This blog is a resource for choosing the right crane mats for your needs, depending on the materials used to craft them.

The different types of crane mats

Crane mats are necessary for heavy crane operations, ensuring job safety and the efficient movement of material around a job site. There are several types used in construction work:

  • Hardwood timber: great weight redistribution while standing up to frequent use and wear and tear.
  • Steel: added level of durability as well as resilience under heavy loads. They can require more assembly and take longer to transport than wooden ones.
  • Composite: similar to hardwood but also offer buoyancy in water-based projects, allowing an easy setup away from land sites.

No matter what type of mat you choose for your next project, they will help keep your job site running safely.

How crane mats are made

The construction process for crane mats ensures they’re sturdy enough to withstand whatever the job site puts them through. After the lumber is sourced and treated, it’s cut to size and bound together.

This process creates a strong, interlocked system that does the following:

  • Extends the mat's life expectancy
  • Adds extra stability
  • Improves weight distribution over long periods

An additional layer of steel reinforcement adds strength and protection against shifting or sagging, which alignment markers at the edges to provide uniformity when laying multiple crane mats.

When finished, crane mats provide a durable surface for heavy machinery in demanding industrial environments.

The benefits of using crane mats

Crane mats are made of tough and durable hardwood, so they’re an essential tool for anyone working in construction, landscaping, civil engineering, and similar industries. Their benefits are numerous:

  • Support heavy machinery and equipment
  • Provide stability on rough terrain
  • Prevent soil from being compacted underneath heavy equipment
  • Provide a safe work surface
  • Protect the ground and environment from drainage issues and damage

Additionally, crane mats help promote safety and ensure operators of cranes and other large machines remain productive without sacrificing quality in their work.

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How to choose the right crane mat for your needs

Choosing the right crane mat ensures your construction projects run smoothly. Different materials offer different benefits, depending on needs like ground stability and weather resistance.

  • Wood mats are ideal when soil conditions are soft or uneven and offer a strong foundation for moving heavy loads.
  • Steel mats are best for heavier items when an even distribution of weight is necessary and for applications in wetter climates to prevent rust.

When you speak with a crane mat manufacturer, they can help you find the right product for your needs.

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