What are laminated crane mats and what makes them different?
August 13, 2021

It’s not uncommon to have a construction job in Indiana where the ground is a bit too soft to efficiently place your vehicles or a crane. At Phoenix Mats, we offer laminated crane mats to remedy the situation. We offer crane mats to help keep your expensive equipment safe when working in precarious situations that might put it at risk. If you’d like to learn more about laminated crane mats and what makes them different from other options, read our short guide below.

What are crane mats used for?

Crane mats are used to build a temporary roadway or platform for construction equipment in areas where the ground is soft, wet, or otherwise unstable. Wood planks are often put together in a mat shape to create an area where the downward force of heavy equipment can be distributed without pushing deep into the ground. This helps to minimize the impact that vehicles have on the area while driving through swampy, marshy, and sandy areas as well as creating a firm and level surface for cranes to operate with stability.

What is a laminated crane mat?

Mats that are used in construction projects are made of wood and can come in a variety of sizes. Laminated mats in particular are made of three layers (or 3-plys) of some kind of laminated hardwood. These layers are made by alternating directions of the planks. For instance, if the first layer is laid in a north-south orientation, the next layer will be oriented east-west, and the top layer will once again be north-south. Laminated mats can also be 2-ply to make them lighter as needed.

How is it different from a regular mat?

It’s not unusual for wood to be used in the construction of crane mats. Timber is often easy to come by, makes for quick fabrication of mats, and it’s durable. However, it’s not uncommon to find mats made from steel or composite plastics with steel inserts. While these are durable and provide a viable option, they’re much heavier and not nearly as cost-efficient.

The use of laminated hardwoods in the fabrication of crane mats is much faster and cost-effective than the use of plastics because planks can be nailed together much faster than molding metal or plastic. Additionally, wood mats are much lighter than alternatives and they can be taken apart and recycled into different-sized mats. A steel or plastic mat is what it is once it’s made.

Why use laminated mats instead of regular?

If you’re considering the environmental impact that your construction job has, consider using laminated crane mats. While the initial clearing of trees for lumber might weigh heavily on your mind, keep in mind that hardwood crane mats are often made from recycled wood that’s been used in some other respect already. Your mats could be the fourth or fifth iteration the planks have been used on. Furthermore, it’s much easier to have mats custom made to fit the needs of your project with wood compared to steel or composite plastics.

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What are laminated crane mats and what makes them different?