What Types of Cranes Need a Mat?
January 27, 2024

When it comes to heavy equipment like cranes, the ground conditions can significantly impact the efficiency and safety of operations. That's where crane mats come into play. Mats provide a stable and level surface for cranes to work on, reducing the risk of accidents and damage to the ground beneath.

In this blog post, we will discuss why cranes might need a mat, how mats can help with crane operations, and what types of cranes would benefit from the use of mats.

What Are Mats for Cranes Important?

Cranes are heavy equipment that can cause damage to the ground's surface, especially on soft or uneven terrain. This is where mats play a crucial role in providing a stable and secure foundation for cranes to operate on. Without mats, cranes risk sinking into the ground, causing instability and potentially leading to accidents or damage to the surrounding area.

Advantages of Using Mats for Cranes

Using mats for cranes provides several key advantages that benefit both the equipment and the job site. Firstly, mats help to distribute the weight of the crane and the load it is carrying, reducing the amount of pressure placed on the ground below. This is particularly important when working on softer surfaces such as grass, mud, or sand, as it helps to prevent the crane from sinking into the ground and becoming unstable. Additionally, mats provide traction for the crane’s tracks or tires, reducing the risk of slipping or getting stuck, especially in wet or muddy conditions.

Another benefit of using mats for cranes is the protection they offer to the ground underneath. Without mats, cranes can cause damage to the ground surface, such as ruts, divots, or compacted soil, which can be costly to repair. Mats help to minimize this impact, ensuring that the ground remains intact and usable once the crane has been removed. This not only benefits the current job site but also minimizes the impact on future projects in the same location. Overall, using mats for cranes provides a practical and cost-effective solution for improving safety and efficiency on construction sites.

Types of Cranes that Require Mats

When it comes to cranes, not all of them require mats for stabilization. However, there are certain types of cranes that should always be used with mats to ensure safety and proper functioning. Hydraulic cranes, for example, are known to exert a significant amount of pressure on the ground due to their heavy lifting capabilities. Therefore, using mats can distribute the weight over a larger surface area, preventing the crane from sinking into the ground and causing potential accidents.

Another type of crane that often requires the use of mats is the lattice boom crawler crane. These cranes are commonly used in rugged terrains and construction sites where the ground may not be stable. By placing mats underneath the stabilizing outriggers of the crane, the weight is spread out, and the risk of the crane toppling over is greatly reduced.

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