Why access mats are so important for energy and oil companies
December 16, 2020

Timber access mats are indispensable for crews that work in the oil and energy industries. From providing essential support to protecting ecologically sensitive work sites, they offer a number of benefits. The team at Phoenix Mat is sharing the top four reasons why access mats are so important for companies in the energy and oil sectors:

1. Access mats provide essential support for job sites

Tires and their treads exert an enormous amount of pressure on dirt roads and similar surfaces. Energy and oil companies often work with heavy machinery, such as drills and cranes, which exert even more pressure due to their weight. When you have large trucks and heavy equipment moving through your work site daily, you need a solid surface that can withstand extreme pressure. That’s where access mats can help.

Access mats are made from very durable timber, which gives energy and oil crews the extra support they need to carry out their operations. No matter the length of your project, your team can work confidently knowing that your equipment has the proper support.

2. They make challenging terrain more manageable

Your team may be stationed at an oilfield in the Midwest or somewhere similar with challenging terrain. When working in these environments, access mats are essential. They can be laid down practically anywhere to provide a flat, supportive surface for your large-scale trucks and heavy equipment.

For instance, let’s say your worksite is only accessible by an uneven dirt road. This makes it nearly impossible for your excavators and other industrial equipment to trudge through on a regular basis. With access mats, you can create temporary roadways that offer substantial support for trucks and heavy equipment. You can even use access mats to create temporary bridges over creeks, streams, and other unstable surfaces.

3. Energy and oil crews can stay on track and save money

When your team is tasked with completing a project within a certain timeframe, you can’t risk being slowed down by logistics. That’s why access mats are invaluable for any project.

Durable timber mats ensure that your team can quickly overcome obstacles, such as creating stable bases for heavy machinery, keeping your equipment secured, and creating convenient roads to otherwise inaccessible sites. With access mats, your projects will be completed on time and on budget.

4. Timber access mats help protect the environment

Oil and energy companies frequently have to set up worksites in ecologically sensitive areas, such as wetlands, swamps, and bogs. Not only do these sites lack the flat ground needed to operate equipment, but workers in these areas must avoid disturbing the surrounding environment.

Access mats can do both: they easily provide a flat surface for equipment, and they protect ecologically sensitive environments as much as possible. This allows you to stay productive while doing little-to-no harm to fragile ecosystems.

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Why access mats are so important for energy and oil companies