Why use a timber construction mat on construction projects in low areas and ditches
November 27, 2020

Working in land areas that are high in moisture like low areas and ditches can get complicated. Unstable surfaces aren’t safe for workers or heavy equipment and there’s a high risk of damage that can be caused to the ecosystem and surrounding land. Phoenix Mat can provide construction mats to help you minimize your impact on the ground in your construction area and maximize safety. We have five reasons you should consider using a timber construction mat in these kinds of areas.

Avoid cutting deep ruts

When using timber construction mats, you can easily create a pathway and work surface across soft soil and unstable ground. Without the surface to distribute the weight of heavy equipment, deep ruts will be cut into the ground. Aside from scarring the ground, this makes it more likely for equipment to get stuck. The deep the ruts, the more difficult it can be to move along. Construction mats from Phoenix Mat keep your equipment moving smoothly and easily to where you need to be.

Limits ecological disturbance

Deep ruts are not only dangerous to your equipment, but they’re also harmful to the ecosystem you’re working in. You can avoid destroying vegetation and homes of plants and animals native to the area by creating a path with construction mats. This helps to minimize your ecological impact on the area.

Easily customized

Timber construction mats can be easily customized to create the pathway that you need to get the job done. You can also create a proper work area that’s large enough to accommodate the necessary weight and pressure that your equipment is applying to the area. Easily put together more mats to create a larger work area and keep from getting stuck in the mud.

If you’re working in a ditch, our construction mats can be used as a bridge to provide a lifted workspace above the soft and crowded area of the ditch.

Create level ground

Soft ground makes for uneven ground. Uneven ground isn’t safe for your equipment operator or the expensive equipment they’re using. Timber construction mats are an easy way to level the ground without having to remove any topsoil. Simply drop a Phoenix Mat where you need to level the ground and you have a fast solution to an uneven work surface. We can also help you build an elevated work area if you require it for ditch work.

Stable work surface

At Phoenix Mat, we pride ourselves on using only quality lumber to build our construction mats. This makes for a strong and stable work surface. Whether you’re using an excavator or crane, you can be confident that we have built a construction mat that will hold the weight of the equipment and take additional pressure from pushing and pulling of a job.

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Why use a timber construction mat on construction projects in low areas and ditches